May 23: Engaging New Customers to Increase Sales

Ever feel like there isn't room for you in the crowded marketplace? Are your competitors edging you out? Undercutting your price? Is it sometimes hard to be true to your brand and still get your marketing message heard in the noise of all of the competition?  

Join us as Moses Aipa shares ways to maintain authenticity for your brand while engageing new audiences and increasing marketshare.

Moses Aipa spent the last 15 years at the creative helm of Incase, growing the company from a small tech start-up in San Francisco to a global provider of bags and accessories, who has become known for their artful design, connection to the creative class, and popularity across all demographics.

Be sure to join us to hear how he helped shape Incase to become a household name in one of the most crowded markets of the last decade where it could seem that everyone else was going faster, cheaper, and louder. He'll also share news of his exciting new project with the former CEO, Co-Founder of Incase. Don't miss it.