What happened to the "I"?

As of 2015, SME Honolulu has become a stand alone organization.  Although we still enjoy relationships with our sister chapters on the mainland, we are no longer affiliated with the International organization.

Our association has a rich history and strong leadership.  In honor to honor the past and continue servicing our members, we chose to leave SMEI as they branch off on a new business plan and new focus. 


How can I get involved?

Volunteers are encouraged. 
We need members for our Program committee, to serve on the board, to help with SPOY and event promotion.

What is SPOY?

Our premiere event is the awarding of our annual Salesperson of the Year.  Each year since 1957 we have had anywhere from 400 - 1,000 people to gather to welcome the new honoree.  Past recipients read like a who's-who of Hawaii.   


Back in the 1980s members were required to wear dinner jackets to meetings? Do you still have a dress code?

We have been able to relax some of our rules. 
We invite guests to be comfortable and they are invited to leave their dinner jackets and ties at home.  Aloha business attire is suggested. 


Where and when do you meet?

Typically our dinner meetings are held on the third Tuesday evening of the month.